Career Research Paper

Share Your Future Career Plans in Career Research Paper

Career Research Paper Helps Students to Realize What Career is the most Suitable For Them

Career research paper is the paper that is assigned to the students who study at the high school, college or university. In this paper you should share your own conception of the perfect career.

To write a good paper you should not only read relevant materials that describe the basics of the career but also make your own research. You may interview the person who holds a position within the given career. Before interviewing a person think what questions you want to ask him or her. Think what problem interests you about the career (and what answer you cannot find in the books). Career research paper is similar to any other kind of academic paper. If you do not know how to complete it, you may find research paper samples. It includes the introductory part, the main body and the concluding part.

1. In the introduction you should present the topic of the career project. Explain why this topic was selected. Explain why you think the chosen career is worth of investigating. Write if you want to connect your life with the given career.

2. The main body you may divide into several paragraphs (depending on the required length of the paper).

– In the first paragraph, you may dwell on the education that the student has to complete in order to enter the career. You may also present the statistics of the number of students that enter the given faculty. Write what perspectives they might have while choosing this career. You may also conduct a research and present your calculations as for the income of the people that have the given profession.

– The next paragraph of the main body you may devote to the interview. Here you should write what experienced workers say on the topic. Write if all their expectations were realized when they started to work, if they are still satisfied with their profession.

– In the last paragraph of the main body of your career research paper, you may sum up the previous two paragraphs. Write why the given career is close to you and why it appeals you. Say what further perspectives this particular field may give you. To make your research paper smooth, do not forget to write transition sentences between the paragraphs of the main body.

3. In the conclusion provide the solid summary of the previous paragraphs. Summarize all the main points that were stated in the paragraphs of the main body.

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